Against Me!

Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Samantha Eynon


This is a very important album for Against Me and escpecially their lead singer, Laura Jane Grace, formally Tom Gabel. Much has changed since the release of White Crosses in 2010. In 2012 Laura made the brave decision to tell his band mates that he was transgender. Since then they have had two new band members, after drummer, Jay Weinberg, and bassist, Andrew Seward, left. 

The main thing bothering Against Me! fans after Grace’s announcement, was how would this affect her awesome voice, one of the stand out things about Against Me! was Grace’s snarl. Thankfully that is still there.

The album kicks in with a rousing drum beat, followed by Grace spitting out lyrics at you. Lyrics like ‘You want them to see you, like they see every other girl. They just see a faggot. They’ll hold their breath not to catch the sick.’

The album is filled with aggression, dispair, anger, confusion, anxiety, acceptance, and everthing in between. As the name would suggest, it is mostly about Grace’s journey and musings on her identity. It is a very honest album at times painfully so, but is full of Grace’s battle cries over catchy guitar riffs. It is interesting when they deviate from this structure, such as in the acoustic, Two Coffins, which if anything is more powerful because of this.

 Sounds like: Green Day, The Gaslight Anthem, Dead to Me

Stand out Track: Two Coffins

Rating: 7/10

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