Issue 9
This was massive. We covered some amazing events including some drag racing, weekend festivals, German road trips, European shows, and exclusive all access features.
With some super cars on show including a slammed Fastback, patina Single-cab Splitscreen, A bakery in a bus, custom paintwork, Rothfink Razor, and a brilliant Mk1 Golf.
Also we have a look at Aircooled TV and feature some great products from Machine 7, Rothfink, Aircooled Accessories, Automortal and Aircooled Apparel. Amazing photos from some insane photographers showing you the best from Fueled Society, EBI, le Bug and Gary’s Picnic.
We have a tour around Lime Bug plus bring you all our regular features including music reviews, (Earworm), Tasty Tees, Cool Shit, Spanked and Technical Focus. All for FREE! Enjoy.