Photos by Sammjoey Photography

At the young age of 19 Sam Wookey is the owner of this head turning 1980 VW Polo L. We first saw it at Alive and Vdubbin’ and it was love at first sight for me! I made a beeline straight to it, having a major soft spot for MK1’s, and this one has got to be one of my absolute favourites. I was practically salivating over it!


The Polo is a product of Sam’s determination, having his interest in VW’s roused by trips in his sister’s boyfriend’s Nevada beige mk1 golf on cookie cutters. He found the car in Bournemouth about 2 years ago. It was owned by an enthusiast and only had 7k miles on the clock, which made Sam desperate to make it his. He did wonder if it could be accurate, but the interior looked basically brand new.


On chatting to the owner, he was told that the original owner of the vehicle lost his sight, but could not bear to give up his car. He kept the Polo in the hope that a cure could be found for his blindness. When he came to terms with his condition he sold the car on, and it passed through two other collectors. During this time it did pick up a few war wounds, but nothing that couldn’t be put right with some hard work, and a bit of money of course! This is where Sam’s determination came in again, as he got the work done on an apprenticeships wage, which has made him appreciate it all the more.




To begin with he drove the car around pretty much as it was when  he bought it, just lowered and on ATS Classics, which were polished by ‘Mike the polisher’ and left bare. He even ran it on bike carbs for a while, but after a year he decided enough was enough and set to getting the Polo sorted. He took it to VW Antics, near Ipswich, who straightened the body work out and repainted it in its original colour of Lida Green. Two new front wings were sourced, a new front valance and new rear arches. Sam can not sing the praises of VW Antics higher for fitting it all, and thanks Lee for the amazing paint job.



He has it lowered by about 115mm at the front and slightly raised at the rear, and it is on TA technix coilovers which he has found to be the best and yet the cheapest for early polos. The engine and transmission are mostly stock, just cleaned up a little, though at one point Sam tried running it with cbr600 carburettors, but he soon realised this wasn’t right for the car, his decision aided by the callout of 4 recovery trucks! Now it runs on a single weber.


The interior is all stock apart from the Mountney wheel and the Ghia centre console basket. Sam decided not to put any sound system in the vehicle as he didn’t want to begin cutting into it, and we think that is a brilliant decision as it looks all the better for it- clean, straight, simple and gorgeous!