The Rothfink Razor


Thanks for letting us look at your amazing car. What’s your name and where do you come from? (in the style of blind date!)

Hello Cilla! My name is Craig and I come from CAERPHILLY!!!! And could I just take this opportunity to say how striking that beard is Cilla it really suits you.

What car is this?

It’s a 1963, VW Type 34 with the original 1500cc type 3 engine

How long have you owned it and where did you buy it from?

I’ve owned it for a while, I can’t really remember exactly but it’s about 8 years. I bought it from the delightful Mr Bob Van Heyst of BBT in Belgium. A little birdy tells me it has been off the road for a while.


Why was this, and what made you decide to get it back on the road again?

I took it off the road to fit a narrowed beam but things kind of went wrong with that as I tried to build this super slick beam using Ford Pop lever shocks (often found on early beetles and barndoors) but due to a school boy error that didn’t work out. I had the car locked up 30miles from my house with a number of yank metal that would regularly distract me so before I knew it it had been off the road for nearly 5 years. I decided it needed to get back on the road when I suddenly had to Pack up and move to Wales (the best move I’ve made!) and I was getting withdrawal symptoms so I figured I needed to put it into someone I trusted to build it up right.

Who did the work on the car?

I got the car in to my good friend Ian Kent’s new business E’s Autos. I had waited for another VW specialist to do it but he didn’t seem interested, and then I heard that Ian was setting up on his own after years working for another highly respected VW specialist, so I jumped at the chance to have him finish off my efforts.

Would you say this car is a part of you or just a car that you love?

This car is a major part of me (some say the only interesting part).

What do you do for a job?

I currently work as a driver for BT (the vehicle maintenance workshops) but I really need to get back into engineering so if anyone knows of any engineering positions around Cardiff then please get in touch 😉

Have you ever worked with VW’s?

Yes, I’ve worked for a part supplier for a long long time but I’m glad to be out of there. I then helped a friend set up a VW specialist but I’ve moved on now.

Have you owned other VWs in the past?

Yes I’ve had loads but started with an early Devon double door bay that I went in on with friends only to find it was a lemon, I then went out and bought a 69 South African Panel van. I then got a 64/65 single cab pickup, an oval, a T25 (that I used to love driving into things for a laugh) a T4 and a few others.

What is your favourite part of the car?

I love the chrome effect front beam (because I love stupid details that no one will ever see).

Since it has been back on the road where have you been in it?

First trip out after picking it up from E’s autos was a 400mile trip taking in Viva Skeg Vegas (I wanted to debut it there) then it’s been out to a few relaxed meets like the RSVP BBQ and the DTA end of season get together. I plan on doing a fair few more as the car now lives in the same lock up as the Rustbus of Rothfink fame and I am happy to be the latest member of the Rothfink crew.

What is your favourite thing about driving it?

I love the looks on peoples faces as they drive past and try to work out what it is.

What wheels are on it?

The car is on a set of OG Porsche pattern Cosmics on loan from my ex-wife (Thanks Heather).

Would you ever sell the car?

Never say never but I always price the car at at least £5000 more than the most expensive Razor I hear of for sale (you never know, someone may want it that much!).

How would you describe the look of the car? 

The car is lightly patina’d and mostly OG paint.


Thanks to Craig for answering these questions and thanks to Rothfink for providing the great photos.