This car has been playing somewhat of a Mercutio over the past few years. What I mean by that is, like Shakespeare’s character is not a Montague nor or Capulet, this early Golf is sitting somewhere along the fence that divides the Air and Water scene that we live in today. Often seen at events and shows for both worlds Edwin Hannah chooses not to be shoe-horned into a pre-determined genre. He’s just wanting to own and drive a nice car. With close friends of his owning an array of air-cooled VW’s this is how he came to my attention. I first saw the car at the first DTA BBQ where we convoyed with some mutual friends. Once we got there he quietly parked the car at the bottom of the road away from everyone saying, “it’s not air-cooled so I’ll just leave it there”.


Over the course of the BBQ I heard a lot of people saying, “Have you seen that Golf?” and “That Golf down the bottom of the road is amazing!”. Edwin had made quite an impression with the car and I for one was smitten with it. Edwin bought the car from a friend of his and of Air Monkeys, PJ Gibbons from Reading. When speaking to PJ he still speaks fondly of the car. With a cluster of die hard petrolheads as friends Edwin is in a perfect position to get an amazing car but even as you look at it know he claims it is an ongoing restoration, aren’t they all?! He was quick to thank Tom Clarke, Sam Gibbins, and Rob “RAB” Bailey for helping him out along the way.

The car is a 1977 Golf L with a 1.1 engine. Bought back in 2010 Edwin has made his mark on it. With 4 trophies won in 3 years it shows that other people appreciate it too. He’s too modest to tell us whichs ones though! Edwin got himself a set of original Porsche Fuch wheels with them being 7j on the front and 8j on the rear people told him he would get them to fit. This made him more determined than ever. Long story cut short… they fitted with the help of some stretched on 165/45/r15 tyres. The car is lowered by 120mm on all four corners thanks to some coilovers.

One of the best things about this car is that it hasn’t undergone a full restoration. It just looks this good already. Edwin reckons there is 80% factory paint on the car after it has received a new nearside front wing at some point in its life. Why respray it. People are far to quick to get rid of original paint. The car is so original it even has the factory running in sticker still on the windscreen.


With the simple chromed bumpers, single mirror and rare side trim the car looks reserved and under sells its self at first glance. It’s only when you have a proper look around the car you realise how special it really is. The interior is all stock with just a simple radio and single speedo gauge. This enforces the simplicity of the car. With no stereo/speakers worth using for todays modern tunes a boombox suitcase is always used on the rear seats to keep Edwin entertained on his journeys.

The car only has 34,000 miles from new and the way that it’s being looked after we reckon that it’ll never reach the dizzy heights that some VWs get to. This car is truly amazing and it’s a credit to the guy who has quietly built it over the past few years.