Alt J
This Is All Yours
Samantha Eynon

Alt J met at Leeds University, which helped form part of their sound, as due to having to rehearse in Uni Halls they had to try and keep the noise levels down, so they didn’t use a bass guitar or bass drums. They emerged shrouded in mystery in 2012, with a ungoogleable name, and initially their faces were obscured in all photos released of them. Soon they were being heralded as the new Radiohead, a comparison that they never encouraged, but one that follows them about none the less.

In early 2014 their bassist, Gwil Sainsbury, left the band, after he struggled to enjoy the life of being in a touring band. The departure doesn’t seem to have had any negative affect on the band, as the release of their sophomore album delivers.

It sees the band in a more playful mood, such as on ‘Hunger of The Pine’ which starts off quietly, and moodily, building slowly, and then they drop in a sample of Miley Cyrus from ‘4x4’. 2 artists that on paper you would definitely not put together. ‘Left Hand Free’ is a very enjoyable. bluesy, curveball on the album, that proves Alt J are not a one trick pony. We also see another side to the band on the track ‘Every Other Freckle’ with it’s sexy, and also at times down right creepy lyrics, like, “I’m gonna turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet”
The album is like a forest that you disappear into, and get lost in for 55 minutes, and you emerge into the lazy sunlight of their excellent and unexpected cover of Bill Withers’ ‘Lovely Day’


Standout track: Left Hand Free
Rating: 9/10
Sounds like: Radiohead, Glass Animals, Foals

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