Broken Bells 

After the Disco

Peter Salter


 Dangermouse (aka Brian Burton) and the Shins’ James Mercer are a duo that on paper, you wouldn’t necessarily expect to work. Mercer and his band are darlings of the indie scene whose folk-pop has garnered a cult following over the last decade and a bit. Dangermouse, meanwhile, is a Los Angeles producer with a superstar client list longer than a Tarantino film, which includes U2 and The Black Keys. But there’s an age old adage about opposites attracting one another and Broken Bells’ follow up to their eponymous 2010 debut demonstrates that oddball collaborations can bear exceptionally tasty fruit.

 For the most part, ‘After the Disco’ sounds very much like The Shins sporting big flared disco pants and a swinging gold medallion. Mercer’s familiarly gorgeous vocals and acoustic guitar are coupled with Burton-made soulful percussion and low-key synthesizers.  It’s a record that will inevitably draw comparisons to the likes of Daft Punk, but in a year when the robotic French twosome have re-introduced the world to ‘post-disco’ (now you get the album title...), they’ve also flung the door wide open for Broken Bells’ to share a talent they’ve been honing for over four years, with a much wider audience, which is a great thing for all concerned.

Sounds Like: The Shins, Daft Punk

Stand out Track: Holding on for Life

Rating: 7/10

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