The main aim for the Buchstabenmuseum is the preservation and documentation of letters. This may sound like the weirdest museum ever but we found its one of the coolest. You know those massive lettered signs on top of buildings? What happened when the business closes or moves? They end up here!


The museum is currently moving but when we visited it, it was located in Charlottenburg, Berlin and was housed in an old supermarket. We paid our entrance fee and walked around the cold, stark factory looking building. Although these signs were once up on buildings and in the sky for all the see this museum really had an underground art scene feel to it. Something that Berlin is very good at showcasing.

This signs had been rescued from the scrap heap and now stand in pride of place once again. The museum makes the visitor feel like a giant. The signs should be on buildings way up high but now they are on the floor, propped up against walls and hung on brackets. You can even switch some of them on and off!

Many of the signs are in English but this does not matter. Language and what they once stood for is irrelevant. Just the shapes and colours remain, and that’s all you need.