Linkin Park

Hybrid Theory

Joe Eynon


Many of you have heard of Linkin Park and many of you like them but few of you understand the importance of their first album. It shook the world on its release in 2000 with big stadium filling anthems such as Crawling and In The End.

With rock still suffering from 1994’s events involving a certain Mr Cobain and a shotgun it needed a seismic shift in a positive direction. Linkin Park saved modern rock. Infusing different new genres the band didn’t only produce a top album but shaped an entire generation. Scores of bands came about with a heavy influence from the Californian band. You can argue that without Linkin Park many bands would not exsist. It’s as simple as that.

I often struggle to place Linkin Park into a clasification due to their complexities. They have created their own world and sit high and proud on the thrown. This album was the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in the music world.

Sounds like: Deftones, Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Fort Minor, Public Enemy

Stand out track: In The End

Rating: 10/10

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