About Us

Air Monkeys initially formed as a Volkswagen club in January 2011 but soon turned their attention to writing and self-publishing an online e-zine about the air-cooled Volkswagen scene. We aimed to create a different magazine from what was currently on the market with articles not only on cars and their owners but also on many of the fringe events and themes often associated with classic Volkswagens. These fringe topics include alternative fashion, extreme sports such as surfing and skating, music, festivals, camping and food.

With the market saturated in other forms of reading material for the classic car fan we needed to make our publication different. We firstly wished to make a magazine and secondly have fun doing it. Money was never a priority so we decided to release our magazine on a free to read basis and also included free adverts for VW related companies and events. This has proved very popular with smaller companies.
We run on a small but slowly expanding team of dedicated Volkswagen enthusiasts that have mixed backgrounds and bring different styles in to company. With people in the group with graphic design and fine art backgrounds the design of the magazine is one of our proudest selling points. Also we have a group of very good professional photographers who understand our mentality for free quality work and are happy to donate there time to us. Plus in the team we have people with mechanical and engineering backgrounds proving we ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talk the talk’.


Joe Eynon
Magazine Editor &  Advertising Manager

Joe is one of the Directors at Air Monkeys Ltd and he is the editor of the magazine. He owns a 1969 Baywindow Westfalia and a 1972 Fastbacl. He enjoys camping, festivals, vintage bicycles, beer and driving cars- any cars.

His love for the scene made him want to create a free to read magazine for everyone to enjoy and show the world that there is more the the VW scene than VW's alone.


Samantha Eynon
Deputy Magazine Editor, Art Director & Merchandise Manager

Owns a 1969 Early Bay with Joe. She is a freelance illustrator and has a keen eye for design and vintage styling. Loves anything cute and retro. 


Martin Cox
Business, Web & Accounts Manager

Owns a 1966 Beetle which has been in the family for decades! He is the official Air Monkeys grease monkey who gets everyone on the road and keeps them there. He has built his own air order set up for his Mk1 Caddy which is no small task! He loves drinking tea and demolishing his house- then building it again! There seems nothing this man cannot do.

Edd Thorpe
Motorsport and Nostalgic VW Correspondent

Regular feature writer and show reviewer Edd is the proud owner of a multiple trophy winning UK  ’67 1300 Beetle, having had a thorough restoration with help from Martin, Scott, Joe and all of the Air Monkeys family, but not least Dominos Pizza and beer. 

Edd’s attention span is perfectly suited to ¼ Mile drag racing, though he’s equally at home at more slow paced, chilled out shows. With a keen eye and being a stickler for detail; Edd also regularly contributes to Tech Focus features and reviews.

Aside from Air Monkeys life Edd likes his classic and custom motorcycles, with a penchant for Café Racers and hardtail Bobbers.  Edd also fronts the band Charitable Thieves, with Scott holding the 4 piece together on drums. 

Scott Savage

Scott is a maintenance engineer most fittingly placed at one of the UK's largest breweries what many consider to be the brewing capital of the world, Burton! Scott also plays drums in a band with Edd, Charitable Thieves, as well as being a keen cyclist. It was Scott's passion for photography however that drew him into the Air Monkeys line of work, having perfected his skills in all manner of disciplines, including landscape and wildlife before turning his hand to a new challenge of fast paced motorsports! Some of his most notable work has been whilst teamed up with Edd at Shakespeare County Raceway capturing some spectacular launches!

John Hilton
Graphic & Web Developer/Designer

John fixes the Air Monkeys Crew with some spectacular designs and built the website you're looking at now. He loves anything retro, especially retro video games and consoles. He even builds arcade machines with his uncle! The only thing missing in his life, is an aircooled VW. Drives a mk6 golf to carry the kids about in......he says one day he'll own Ed's Bug.

Richard Thorpe
Product Reviewer

Rich is the part owner of a cross-over bay. Its under-going a full resto at the moment. He also drives a 1966 Splity Panel-van which he recently went to Wolfsburg in. Rich enjoys mountain biking, drinking cider and fast cars!.

Nikola Woodhall
Graphic Designer

Nikola enjoys the show scene and with her super camera skills brings you some of the best images from the shows! He design skills are vital in making the magazine look how it does. 

Ed kellas

Ed Kellas
Feature Writer 

Ed sources cars from all across the globe. He enjoys driving his Oval, drinking fine British alcohol, buying vintage Americana and listening to music.
He can been seen at many shows either displaying his car or around the camp-site chilling drinking a beer.

Joss Ashley


Joss is better known as the guy behind the Wide 5's Photography brand. He is our go to guy when we really need some smart snapping of the best cars and events across the country.

He's also a super nice guy and a keen skater as the picture suggests!