Fueled Society 2014- Cruise there with the Air Monkeys!

We are running a cruise up to 2014’s Fueled Society. Last years show was one of the most takes about events of the calendar and with even more planned for this year we reckon you’ll be a fool to miss it. This show gives the visitor everything, Awesome and different cars fill the field. It is not just a modern car car or a classic car show. It will accept anything through its gates that has been built or cared for with some attention and imagination. Stock or slammed- anything goes.

With a heavy influence from German marques you’ll find a fair few VWs, BMW’s, Mercs and Porkies there but with people coming from all different backgrounds last year it attracted rally cars, hot rods and American muscle. Plenty of British classic cars also make the trip to the beautiful Nostell Priory.

Follow the link below to take part in our cruise to the show. We’ll start from Burton upon Trent mid morning on the 11th of July and head North, stopping along the way to pick people up. Just remember to get your camping tickets from the Fueled Socitey website!

Air Monkeys Cruise to Fueled Society




Here is our review of last years show:

Now in its second year we headed up north for one of our favourite events on the calender. Ran by a small bunch of guys from Yorkshire, Fueled Society is a true petrolhead show with no snobbery, eliteism or bad feelings towards anyones choice of wheels. Aimed to be a truely easy going car show with an ethos of making people feel included the event certainly lives up to its aims and ideals.


This year included camping which we felt we had to sample. Plus our trip was made extra special as we were introducing some mates of ours to the world of car shows! (Brainwashing!)

The show was yet again held in the beautiful location of Nostal Priory near Wakefield, Yorkshire. The National Trust owned property is a Palladian house set in 300 acres of green parkland with lakeside and woodland walks throughout the grounds. All of this would have been brilliant to see but we were there for a different reason altogether!


Finding the show was easy. Too many show organisers forget to layout signs and directions to their events but with Fueled Society being held in a very popular tourist destination we had no issues finding it. The field used for the show is a natural bowl with the house looking down on

the visitors and their cars. This provides a perfect setting. We were greeted at the gate by Jim and Roger who are the main guys behind the show and pointed in the direction of the camping fields. The camping was separated into quiet and err, not so quiet camping. We pitched up and opened a beer. The sun was shinning, beer was flowing and some amazing cars were flooding into the field. Every time I sat down I found myself standing up to look at the next slammed, stanced ride making its way towards a weekend of fun.

Camping facilities were basic, (just a couple of porta-loos), but that’s all we needed. Most people obeyed the noise curfew and it seemed as if everyone had a great time. The only issue we had was trying to keep the beers cold! It was just too warm in the sunshine! We woke up to the sound of cars entering the show ground as early as 7am with a vast array of motors piling in. There were a lot of VAG vehicles making their way into the field with some excellent examples turning up. Once we had woken up we made our way from the camping field to the show ground and parked our camper van with The Lower Class boys towards to front of the field. Their cars look stunning as always and looking at them always spurs me on to get more done to my own bus. That is what shows and meets are all about- meeting with friends and getting inspiration.


Fueled Society really is somewhere you can get inspiration from. Due to the show being open to all makes and models from all eras and all classifications you get inspiration from the most unlikely places. If, like me you are mainly spending your time spannering away on air-cooled VW’s you manage to get inspiration from the Water-cooled scene, J Cars, Hot Rods, Fast Fords, German Lookers, Rat Rods and the stock classics that turned up. When a stock unmodified car did pull into the show field it was almost a shock. All the cars there had been modified in some way, shape or form so to see one that was unmolested was great. The layout of the show was brilliant too. The cars were not just in lines across the field like some kind of expensive car park but were staggered across the arena at different angles and positions. This made the show look like it was more relaxed and happenstance although I am aware that there was a lot of organising to make it appear like this.

The show also had a vintage pop-up village there this year with a number of stalls selling everything from clothing to cameras and coolers to cakes. This gave the show something that other shows just don’t have. The trade stalls appeared to be carefully chosen as all of them sold excellent wares with none of the dealers selling “festival attire”. The catering was also the same. All of the food was freshly produced with Pan Thai Noodles and fresh Jerk Chicken some of the choices. We were spoilt for choice for our Sunday lunch! The VW Bay Window cocktail bar went down a storm also!

With live music on a big stage, vintage stalls, great food, amazing cars, friendly people, relaxed camping and wall to wall sunshine Fueled Society was a fantastic weekend. An event that everybody should sample in 2014.