Derby Daze

Car: VW Polo Derby / Owner: George Taylor / Photos: Adam Walker / Air Monkeys Magazine: Joe Eynon

One of the many fun things we do at Air Monkeys Magazine is pick winners for our Air Monkeys Choice Awards at shows and festivals. Earlier this year we were at the Cumbria VAG Show and Shine Festival (read the show report in this issue), and had a difficult decision to make- which car amongst hundreds of amazing cars was our favourite. The one we most wanted to take home. This car had to really “float our boat!”

If you’ve already flicked forward to read our show report from CumVAG you’ll appreciate how tough our choice was. We ummed and arghed for an hour or so and finally decided that the Polo Derby LS you can see on your left should be our worthy winner! The lucky winner and even luckier owner is George Taylor from Warrington and he’d only owned the car for a few months and was so suprised to win. Our reasons for choosing George’s Derby were simple. It was just right. The car stood out from the crowds of other water-cooled cars at the show and ticked quite a few mental checklists. Awesome colour, great stance, different but perfect wheel choice, superb accessories and a humble owner!



Let us tell you more about this rad little Polo….

I’ve always been a fan of early water-cooled Volkswagens. Ever since I had a very short ownership of a Polo LWB bread van. There is something about the simplicity of the cars. VW deliberatly didn’t make them over complicated and that justmakes the simple bodylines and uncluttered dashboards appeal to so many people.

George got his Derby LS, (which he fondly calls Deirdre), in May 2014, a mere 2 months before winning our prize. The car had already had a far amount of work done to it but George still needed to put some final touches to it.

The cars stance is created by custom Spax coilovers on the front and Blisten Sport rear shocks with some rather unique wheels finishing the look off. You’ll not see another Polo at a show this year with these wheels on. The Oz racing wheels were originally off a Formula Renault race car and required a bit of simple redrilling in order for them to fit the Polo’s 4×100 stud pattern. Sat behind the wheels are a set of G40 discs and callipers for maxium stopping power.

The engine bay has been smoothed out so you can see the 1.3 single port engine in all its glory. Moving the washer bottle and battery to the boot finished this look off. The exhaust is a 4-2-1 manifold with a custom stainless system.

The gearbox is a 5 speed unit from a MK3 Polo. 

Yet again the colour is an unusual choice with it not coming from the VW paint pallet. It is, in fact, a Nissan paint called Lapis Grey from their cute and iconic Figaro. George however is planning a full resto this winter and is contemplating putting the car back to its standard shade.



Keeping its occupants entertained from show to show is a sound system comprising of a 100 watt Audiobahn amp and some 6×6 280 water speakers in the custom cut door cards. To finish the system off George has fitted a fully functioning vinyl record player in the boot! An amazing idea but makes bringing the shopping home a challenge.

George has his Dad to thank, (like so many of us), for getting him to buy the Derby as his first car was a Mk1 Polo too! 

George plans to do plenty of work during the winter on the Derby to put the car back to its standard colour and give the car some more personal touches. We can’t wait to see it when it is done. 

George has always been a VW fan but loves early water-cooled and air-cooled cars and dreams of owning a notchback at some point. If he does that’ll be an exciting day for sure and we’d want to see every step!

photos by AJ Walker Photography. Thanks to him and George for making this article possible.