The DTA BBQ is becoming a firm favourite now in the UK air-cooled scene with it coming neatly at the end of the season. The DTA guys and girls simply ask for anyone who owns an air-cooled VW to come along and chill out with them for the day. The DTA crew are well known for churning out some super slammed rides but don’t let that put you off. If you own something air-cooled then you are welcome.

The event is held outside a couple of businesses that members of DTA own and pretty much takes over the entire road. The odd member of the public who drive down the road on the Sunday afternoon certainly get a shock!

The BBQ always has a burnout session at the end which Stefan Rossi could partake in this year due to a lack of car but Jon Cook yet again wowed to crowd.

The turnout was amazing this year with the amount of VW’s staggering. Everything from bugs to bays and razors to barndoors were there. In fact I think we only needed a Scwimmenwagen and a Fridolin to get the complete set! Each year it gets bigger and bigger. An early start is vital to get a good parking space!

This year had a special VW Limbo event with a competition for the lowest car. Set into categories people jumped and squeezed into each others cars and tried there hardest to be the lowest of the low!

The BBQ was yet again top notch with cheap prices for all food and drink, (just to cover there costs), and even free beer Wai Man Shin.

Si Medlicot, Mike Chare and the rest of the DTA club sure do a great job and Air Monkeys wouldn’t miss it for the world!