DTA End of Season Meet 19th October 2014. James Cond Printing Works, Birmingham, UK

words: Joe Eynon photos: Joss Ashley

Evolution is a wonderful thing, we see it all the time in the automotive scene. Car builders are well aquatinted with the word, and we’ve even evolved in our previous 12 issues of Air Monkeys. There is one Birmingham based air-cooled VW and Porsche club though, that are the trend setters when it comes to evolving and morphing. We went to the very first DTA meet when Stanford Hall was cancelled, back in 2012. It was clear, on that day, that it was the start of something really special. We are proud to have been at every one of their meets, BBQs and gatherings since. All have led to this moment. On the 19th October 2014 an event occured in the air-cooled scene that may change the way we do VW shows for years to come.

The boys and girls in DTA decided that they needed a new location as they had out-grown their old street-side one. They found the abandoned James Cond Printing Works in the city centre of Brum. Word quickly got passed around that this was the place to be. Teaser shots of the location appeared to get the punters excited, and before we knew it we began to get our cars ready for the one day event. On the day, we cruised with a group of guys from Yorkshire who had made the journey down, and then met more excited air-cooled owners along the way. Some by pure luck on the motorways through the West Midlands. After bumping and scraping through the city back streets, we made our way through the doors and into what, in recent years, had been used as a public car park. You would think that this allowed for bags of space, but the show was so popular that cars were having to be moved into a nearby car park and along the streets outside.

The event had a mixed bunch of air-cooled VW’s and also a large number of early 911’s and 912’s. The day had no trade stalls, nothing was for sale, except food and drinks from The Splitscreen Bakery guys, which made the day much more relaxing. The free to attend event was purely for the love of our cars and the desire to meet with friends from all over the country. Infact people travelled from Yorkshire, Wales, Cornwall and even the Bugpeople guys came over from Holland.

The trophies were something else. The hard work and dedication that had gone into making some of them was insane, and all went to deserving winners. Gav from Trailer Queen Restos custom painted long-boardz and Ben Lewis’ hand made bus model stood out for me as the trophies I wanted to take home. Stef Rossi rolled his sunbleached 912 into the show and the GFK boys made a scene with some amazing cars.

This show was the greatest one day event I have ever been to. All other shows should take note of how it was organised because they’ve got some serious competition now!