Words and Photos by Mike Heywood

Dubworth’s first year certainly didn’t disappoint. With the show being held at Oulton Park racing was always going to be on the agenda. A collection of Vintage Ferrari’s tearing up the tarmac caught everyone’s eye on Saturday. With a beer, sunshine and the view of some awesome cars being put through their paces, it makes you beg the question. Is this the perfect show atmosphere?


Sunday was a lot more relaxed an affair. With the sun beaming down on the show field it was always going to be a great day. No cars under 20 years old were allowed in the show, but were welcome on clubstands. So it made for a brilliant sight. All manors of colours, shapes and sizes graced the show field. Including a head turning Trabant 601.

With a live band playing all day, beer and ice cream on offer. There were high spirits for the shows first year and the turn out was fantastic. There was a real sense of community at Dubworth. We can only imagine the show growing and growing in the coming years.

The Dubworth team tried something different with the awards, with classes such as Best 50s, 60s up to the 90s, as well as best rat looker all the way to best paint. Giving everyone a chance to walk away with a trophy.

The show was topped off with a parade lap of Oulton Park itself. With most cars being air-cooled, it didn’t make for a particularly fast sight. But it was a superb spectacle and featured all manor of cars.

Overall we can only wish the team the best of look for next year, and we’re looking forward to Dubworth 2017.