We get asked a lot of questions, some more then others. Here are some of the more common ones that will hopefully help you out.......However if your question is still unanswered feel free to contact us. 

What is Air Monkeys exactly?

Air monkeys began like many great things, down the pub with a group of long standing friends. The concept of starting our own 'club' came about as we wanted to do things a little differently in the VW scene. From our updates and posts on Facebook and the like, we decided to take our hobby further, and began producing a free to read, free to advertise online magazine, hosted by issuu, to shake up things in the scene a little! 

How can I read Air Monkeys?

All of our magazines are hosted by issuu.com simply head over to the site and search Air Monkeys.

Alternatively, Just visit the Magazine page on the website. 

Can I read back issues, too?

Yes! the beauty of issuu is that all of our magazines are held in cyberspace for ever more, allowing you to catch up on everything you've missed if you're new to Air Monkeys!  

How could I get my VW featured in Air Monkeys?

If you've just finished a long term project, feel your ride is something that bit different, or maybe you have a fascinating story behind it, we'd love to hear about it! use the Contact Us tab on the site to message us directly, we promise to reply to all questions! 

My car has been 'Spanked' what does this mean?

Your car is something that has caught our eye here at Air Monkeys! We love to search out the 'hidden gems' at shows, often trawling the day visitors car parks and camping areas for something that bit different that may not be in any show and shine, so congratulations! Use the Contact Us tab on the site to message us, as often 'Spanked' cars go on to make full features, or even cover cars!  

Why free? What's the catch?

We started to make to magazine for a hobby and for the love of giving something back to the scene. As we have got bigger and more popular nothing has changed. We still want to give you, the scene, something for free which you can enjoy at any time. We of course need support to do this and you can do this by buying our merchandise and donating to us. 

How do i get my event featured by you?

Simple. Let us know when it is and we will do our best to attend. We may ask for tickets but we will return the favour but giving your event/show/festival a full impartial review.

I want to be involved in Air Monkeys. How can i be?

There are many ways people can be involved in the magazine or our Air Monkeys Enterprises. If you are doing something interesting involving VW's or our fringe topics then get in touch. We may want you to take some photos for us or even write about it for the magazine. If you are a photographer we are always looking for new upcoming creative people to contribute to the magazine.

You say you are a Air Cooled Lifestyle Magazine. What exactly does that entail?

We feature anything that fans of Air Cooled cars enjoy. This through history has become a little bubble or sphere that we have found ourselves in. From history we in the scene have become interested in anything from Drag Racing, Skateboarding, Surfing, Music, Art, Tiki, Hot Rods, Longboarding, Other classic/retro cars of interest, Americana, Camping, Festivals and anything else that "floats our boat". We don't want to be a car magazine but a magazine that encompasses everything that we are. This changes overtime and therefore is fluid and hopefully will withstand the test of time and more importantly the tests our readers throw at it.