Franz Ferdinand
Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action
Pete Salter

Given the infrequency – not to mention inconsistency – of their output over the last 8 years, you could be forgiven for thinking Franz Ferdinand had gone the way of so many other mid-noughties indie-pop revivalists and disappeared into the musical ether. ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’
therefore, is a welcome return to form for a band that just shy of a decade ago, were one of the most promising outfits in British music following a couple of fairly forgettable releases and several years in the wilderness. The Scottish group’s fourth full album is a great big slab of angular guitar pop and disco drumbeats that have more of a whiff of the old Franz about them, nowhere-more-so than on the record’s titular opening track which sounds like a medley of all their debut’s best bits – no bad thing. Joe Goddard of Hot Chip fame produced RTRWRA (alongside Björn Yttling [Peter, Björn and John]) and it shows with groovy, bassy synth hooks and disco beats being the order of the day. And while the album harks back to the old-school stylings that made the band such a hit in 2004, the glossy multi-layered production present nine years later is complimentary to the band’s sound rather than reductive or over-bearing. Highlights are recent single, ‘Evil Eye’, which is a funky, disco number about supernatural powers and ghostly goings-on (a particular type of cynic might point out that the spooky single was released just a few weeks before Halloween, but this reviewer is above that…) and ‘Love Illumination’ which is full of fuzzy guitar riffs and walking basslines that sound like Cake at their very most rock. Franz Ferdinand realise their potential with this latest full length offering, which meets – and perhaps even exceeds – the high standards they set for themselves with their self-titled arrival on the indie rock scene, back in 2004. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Great Album.

Verdict: 8/10
Stand-out Track: Evil Eye
Sounds Like: Arctic Monkeys, The Mystery Jets, Cake
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