Air Monkeys went to their first Freddy Files show just last year, and despite it being exhausting (one of our members is unable to get the Friday or Monday off), it was that good, we were eager to return.


Now in it’s 19th year, there is just something about the show, from the epic 700 odd mile trip in three days cruising with friends, to chilling in the sunshine at the Slagmuylder Brewery to the sight of a city centre being taken over by classic VWs. It is just awesome.


This year was  The Happy Camper Edition of FreddyFiles , so naturally priority was given to campers, and it was refreshing to see many T25’s amongst the crowds, as well as a very unusual T4 conversion, which consisted of a wooden clad caravan being grafted on the back! That’s one of the great things about this, and other European shows, there is such a great variety of vehicles and much less snobbery, anything goes! In the UK recently we’ve seen so many slammed patina vehicles stealing the limelight, which are awesome don’t get me wrong, that it’s great to see everything given a fair and equal showing, as vehicles squeeze into every available gap!

Spring was also truly in the air, after a decidedly foggy start on the Saturday morning, which caused many Brits getting off the Chunnel to miss our cruise start at the Bonjour Services, we enjoyed our Witkap beers in the sun, chatting with friends and enthusiasts old and new.

Despite Ninove being a quiet little city there is a party atmosphere on the Saturday night that rolls on into the Sunday morning, the official day of the show. There are a number of trade stalls, but these are few and far between, meaning that the day is predominantly about the cars, and rightly so. Every vehicle that parks up in the centre is automatically entered into the show and shine, which leads to a very laid back competition. There are still a few there with their polishing cloths out, but not to the extent of a normal show and shine. Everyone just looks happy to be there!