Fueled Society. 2014. Nostell Priory, Wakefield.

Ever since 2013’s Fueled Society I have been looking forward to 2014’s offering. It really is that good. Our involvement with Fueled Society has grown and developed much like the show has. In 2012 we went to the first Fueled Society as a day visitor and wandered around the small but eclectic mix of cars and marques. We knew the show could be one of the best so we kept an eye out for the 2013 show. This time they had camping and more entertainment but the show could still grow into its large venue. From the very beginning of 2014 we have been promoting the show and hopefully you came along. There certainly was more air-cooled cars there this year and we hope you enjoyed it. If you didn’t come along then this is what you missed!


We started the weekend off on Saturday morning with the Air Monkeys cruise to Fueled Society that we organised on Facebook and on www.airmonkeys.co.uk. We took the drive slowly from the East Midlands to Yorkshire stopping off along the way. Martin Cox even drove his bagged turbo Caddy up to the show. With oval Beetles to Golfs in our convoy we certainly made a spectacle on the road. Once we arrived at the show we set up camp near the show field entrance and sat and watched the cars drive in. The camping field was directly behind us so that evening before it got too dark we took a walk around the campsite. A lot of show cars do arrive on the Saturday and camp over so this was well worth it. There was a lot of German water but within the tents and gazebo’s there was some true gems such as Renault 5 GT Turbo’s, MK1 Mexicos, Bagged 740’s, Race prept MK1 MR2’s and early Corollas and Starlets. We stopped and chatted to a few people and even had fun at an impromptu foam party!!

As the night set in we made our way to the entertainment areas. There was live music early in the evening and then two separate dance/DJ tents. The nearest one to us played dance and house music with some spontaneous break-dancing and the furthest one played punk and rock- any Earworm readers would know this is more to our tastes. We danced the night away, sometimes in the rain, until we had got so wet they stopped the music. Electricity and water do not mix well!

The rain was the only negative from the Saturday and no one can do anything about it, so you might as well just dance in it!

We went to bed full of beer and with our ears ringing. It was perfect!


Saturday arrived and so did the sunshine! The past two shows have been on red hot days and the sun made its presence known once again. As we woke up and cooked our bacon sandwiches we sat and looked at the cars stream into the show field. The natural bowl shaped field was already filling full of amazing modified vehicles of every genre, year and style. Hot Rods, Air-cooled, Jap, Classic, Race, Rally, American, Commercial and more flowed into the grassy field ready for a fuel filled day at an old fashioned car show. Everything goes and even people who had just come for the day to park in the day visitors car park were sometimes directed into the show field because there car was interesting enough.

We set up stall amongst the traders which was bigger than ever this year. There was something for everyone. The cars are lined up in a relaxed set up with clubs able to form their own circles and line ups however they want to. This made it a much more enjoyable show to walk around. There was a surprise around every corner.

Yet again the food vendors did themselves proud. There was a great selection of well cooked food. No crappy burgers here! The burritos were particularly awesome.

The Rollhard Crew were here in force with their cars and parts as were The Lower Class VW Club from Leeds who made the short journey, as they have every year. I left the show feeling my mildly lowered bus was a moon buggy. Low is certainly the way to roll when at Fueled Society. Next year the Fastback will have to make an appearance!

With new entertainment throughout the day this year you could always find something to do, whether it was chill out listening to live tunes or take part in the Tour de Fueled bicycle event.

Previous years have had problems with people starting their cars up just to rev them very loudly. Whether the organisers have done anything to stop this or not, it didn’t happen this year. People however did appear to be driving around the show field throughout the day. This was in no way a problem as everyone was being sensible and just having fun. The entire weekend had such a relaxed atmosphere- I didn’t want to leave!


With the show welcoming all types of vehicle it made the event have a different atmosphere to other shows we go to. When the show is a VW show or a American car show there is always a degree of car-snobery. With a mixed car show everyone is welcome and your car will be very unusual to somebody, even if it is common place to you. This allows you to view your little world or bubble through someone elses eyes. This will always give you fresh ideas and plans for your car.

The date for next years has been released and we’ve already put it in our diary. Be at Nostell Priory on the 11th June 2015!

The show organisers would like to thank all the show sponsors and contributors as listed below:

Air Monkeys Magazine, Novaks Kustom Industries, Simmy Photography, Christopher Western Design, Gala Tent, Rollhard, Fueled Logistics, OCD, Mark Redshaw Photography, Studio Incar, Auto Finesse, Impact Bodyshop, Slammedia, Niche Customs, Inspired Automotive, Crisp Tuning and Fitted UK.

See you in 2015!