Days Are Gone
Pete Salter


Ever since this trio of sisters burst onto the scene late last year there has been a fervour about them with
music journalists falling over themselves to shower the group with praise and adoration, resulting in their dizzying ascension to the top of the festival circuit and radio playlists everywhere. The BBC’s touting of HAIM as ‘The Sound of 2013’ might have been somewhat premature in hindsight with a whole host of rock and pop veterans and heavyweights releasing big records this year, but the sisters have sold out numerous venues already and have pulled massive audiences at some of the summer’s biggest events including Glastonbury and Reading. No mean feat for a group that were barely in the consciousness of most music fans this time last year. Given the pressure put on the three-piece by the hyperbole surrounding them, the fact that their debut is so good is even more impressive. And Days Are Gone is a truly great record, expanding on the Forever EP released earlier this year and oozing a confidence and swagger that belies their rookie status. Oft-described as ‘folk meets R&B’ and hailed as a modern Fleetwood Mac (which, Tusk aside, is a compliment many-a-musician would be happy to receive), Este, Danielle and Alana are a demonstratively talented trio who are destined to be huge. New single, ‘The Wire’, is the record’s clear highpoint with its catchy choral refrain and infectious lyrics that *will* have you singing them days after you’ve heard the song. Elsewhere, ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ is a glorious lesson in pop song construction (as well as execution) and the epic ‘Let Me Go’ is a swelling, swirling masterpiece that’s destined to be a crowd favourite when played live. HAIM’s debut full-length is genuinely without fault and needs to be on every serious music fan’s musthave list for 2013. It’s not so much a question of IF these girls will achieve world domination, as it is WHEN they will achieve it.

Verdict: 10/10
Standout Track: The Wire
Sounds like: Fleetwood Mac, Bat for Lashes, Foals

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