Those of you who have been readers of our articles for a while will know we are always looking for the most exciting, creative folk who produce beautiful products. We’ve come up trumps yet again with Hardy Boards. The brothers from the south of England have really caught our attention and we chatted to them to find out more about their creative passion.

Photos by Ryan Winterbotham

1) Who are you and where are you based?

Two Hardy brothers, Ty and Cam from Military town of Aldershot, Hampshire. South East UK.

2) What made you want to design skateboards?

From a young age we were naturally immersed in the world of BMX. We’ve grown up alongside skateboarders and other enthusiasts that inspired us to not only to ride more but to create something that people could look at and be inspired to get outside and shred. Not much happens in our town but hanging out at the skate park with friends are some of the best memories we have. We thought we would craft a trial board to see how it rode. We ended up taking it to Board Masters and it sparked a lot of interest! It was encouraging to see how stoked people were from a hand made board! We then started to push some different designs and shapes to figure out what worked best but looked rad as well. That’s when Hardy Boards begun.

3) How are your boards different to other boards?

All of our boards are crafted in the Hardy Yard. A little shack in the backyard of the home we grew up in. We don’t have a set plan or layout of what the final board is going to look like, we just wing it and decide what looks good as we go along. We like doing it this way because it pushes our creative boundaries and it adds character to the final product. We aren’t making something to be perfect, we are making something with love and authenticity. We use high quality pieces of wood because we want our boards to ride out for as long as possible. Its also fun to make the boards a variety of shapes because it’s a challenge and we learn more with every board that we make.


4) What kind of people buy your decks?

A lot of our boards are sold overseas. The type of people who purchase them are quite well travelled and love being outside, mainly people who understand/ appreciate the work that’s gone into them. Campers, Surfers… a mish mash really. But we don’t want to target a specific type of person or stereotype. We like that our company is versatile in that anybody, no matter what age can use our boards or hang them on the wall and have fun with them.

5) What trucks and wheels do you use?

We haven’t actually gotten this far yet. We wanted to push our decks out first to see what kind of feedback we got and so far it has been super positive! Hopefully in the near future we will be selling complete boards, but in the meantime people can always contact us and ask about what other parts suit it best.

6) How do you use your boards/ how do you advise your boards to be used?

Personally, we just cruise around bombing hills with the 138 mates, which never gets old! I advise everyone to just shred up and do what makes them happy, whether that’s bombing hills or hanging it up on your wall as an interior motive!

7) Whats your perfect day of skating?

Blazing sun, gnarly hills and beers.

8) Where do your boards get made and by who?

Our boards are all designed and hand made in the Hardy Yard. It’s a little shack in our backyard that we made into a workshop. It’s a tight space but it does the job! They are crafted by both of us really. We collaborate and brainstorm as we go along and just see what looks good and what will work well as a board. We feed off of each others ideas and take bits and pieces along the way so that the final product is a collaboration of both of our thinking processes.

9) What materials get used in the process?

There’s quite a bit in the process. It all depends on what board design we make. Some are hand painted, we use inks, a screen printer, obviously wood and finished with grip tape!


10) Whats your inspiration in making them?

The 70s – 80s scene is a big inspiration, just shows how skating started and how it should remain! Seeing pictures of people enjoying your product motivates you too keep expanding and trying new things! As long as you’re passionate and motivated about something, your inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere or anything! That’s the beauty of art.

11) What other products do you make?

We don’t have set things we make, stuff kind of happens naturally. If an idea pops up, we try it out and if it works, it works. If we don’t like it, then we learn from that and move on or try to improve it so that we are satisfied. We make it up as we go along and that’s how we want it to be. We enjoy making things that people will use on a day to day. Some things we’ve made so far are; Chopping boards, incense holders, key rings, tables, lamps. Just nibbles really.


12) What’s the thinking behind producing the chopping board?

It wasn’t like we sat down and decided we were going to craft a chopping board, we just tried it out from some cuts we got given by a local timber yard and they turned out pretty sweet. As much as we love the boards, It’s nice to be able to expose our company to a wide audience. Creating handmade goods for all types of people and their interests.

13) How do you see yourself in a few years time?

Travelling around the world finding other small wood workers/artists to collaborate with. Crafting boards and other goods in different locations with likeminded people is the dream. You never know what inspiration you’ll have on any given day. Just experimenting with different materials and collaborating with other artists to stay inspired is the motive. Don’t stop creating.

IMG_6277 copy

14) Where can people buy your stuff?

Our website is under construction at the moment, but everyone is free to send us an e-mail for enquires! and check out our products on Instagram: @hardy_boards