****** We’re making some changes to how things are done around here ******

What is going to change?

We’ve been established since January 2011 and our first magazine came out in April of that year. Since then we have created 14 free online magazine for your enjoyment, as well as being involved in numerous projects, shows, events and the promotion of small independent businesses. We have sold merchandise throughout the world and featured cars, artists and companies from nearly all continents, in the past 5 and a bit years.

All of this was achieved because of a few very important things. One of these is the dedication of our writers, photographers, designers and team members who all work for the brand for no fee and have partaken in our projects because they believe in what we do. We’ve had a few people over the years who have done a lot of work for us and have sacrificed paid work for us. We are forever grateful to these people. Another important person in the Air Monkeys family are the contributors who have been so eager to get their car or company featured on our online pages. We are always so flattered when people want their pride and joy in our magazine. We will never be able to thank you enough. We’d also like to thank the motoring and independent press for helping us. Over the years some massive names in the world of automotive journalism such as Volksworld, Ultra VW, AirMighty, Fuel Magazine and Hayburner have helped us. They made us feel welcome at shows and events and more importantly they made us feel a part of a bigger family. Cheers folks!

Lastly and most importantly we want to thank our readers. Without you guys we would be pointless and your loyal addiction to our digital pages is awesome. With each and every issue our readership has grown, and we are humbled by the way it has reached all the corners of the world! You are all fantastic!

This post might sound like a self written obituary, but it’s not. Do not fear. This is being written with a positive outlook for Air Monkeys…


photo by Wide 5’s Photography

Why the change now?

We have never made money from the production of the magazine or the sale of our merchandise. We invest everything back into the company. This has always put a bit of a strain on the finances of Air Monkeys, but it allows us to remember why we do what we do; for the community we are a part of. When we started in 2011 we all had junior jobs in our everyday workplaces but as time has progressed we have developed our careers. Time is quickly becoming a rare commodity and we needed to make a change. 2015 was a massive challenge for all of us. We all started new jobs or projects in our daily lives, and quickly became aware that if Air Monkeys was going to last another 5 years, (and hopefully longer), we must move with the times and adapt…


What will it involve?

In 2016 we are re-branding. The blog we have been building will take centre stage. We will bring you more features than ever. No more waiting between issues for something published by us. You’ll get weekly articles on our website. More of what we will be featuring in a minute…

Gone are the regular magazines that made us so popular. It was a really hard decision to make, as the magazines have been a massive part of our lives for a while now, but we feel this is the best way to maintain the brand. We are hoping to bring you special edition magazines at least once a year, with some spectacular features in them. In short you’ll have more content, more features and less waiting in-between published work.

What will be on the new blog?

The blog will be bigger and better than ever. A brand new website is on the way, which will enable us to feature more complex articles with videos and more picture galleries. The whole site will be more interactive. We have always pushed the boundaries, in terms of what you’d expect a car magazine to write about. We figured that if you like cars you like car shows. If you like shows you like festivals. Festivals allow us to write about music, camping, sports and art. You can see how it snowballs! We’ve created these icons to help you understand what we are all about…



We will continue to bring you the best cars we can find. We will continue to write predominately about Air-Cooled VW’s, but we are going to try and bring you a more varied range of vehicles. Our number one focus is automotive features. We have an interest in all sorts of retro and classic cars from Chevys to Trabants, so be ready for something a little different on your screens. We’ll also be bringing you more features about van life, custom bodyshops and key people in the car world, to inspire your next build or project. Remember if you want your car featured then please get in touch!



We’ve cheated with this logo. The chain is to represent two things. A number of people in Air Monkeys have a keen interest in custom motorcycles, and we will try and shift some focus onto two wheels in 2016 and beyond. We’ve already got some cracking features lined up. The other thing the chain can represent is cycling. A few of us are avid saddle jockeys, whether that’s on tarmac or mud. We also build and restore vintage bicycles, so rest-assured there will be plenty of pedal action from us.



Our Earworm feature in our magazines has always been massively popular, and we aim to develop on that in the future. We will continue to bring you new music reviews, but we will also feature interviews and chats with upcoming bands. We will also continue to interview and showcase artist’s work from across the world with in-depth analysis from our resident artists.



This is the most exciting idea for us. We want to travel and explore in our cars. We want to find some hidden gems of the world, and let you know about them. These places could be little known festivals and camping trips or continental road trips. If you’re wanting to explore and would like to talk to us about it, then get in touch. Life is about sharing! We also hope to feature new products and advice that will make your travels easier  and more productive.


Air Monkeys are still 100% here for the reader.

We are still free and are still aiming for that stress and hassle free life.

Join us for the adventure!