Here at Air Monkeys Magazine we love to showcase the work of new talent. This might mean we venture into the unknown to get you some great work. Henry Powell is a superb photographer who up to now has been focusing on the modern car world and has this has taken him to the Geneva Motor Show and sourcing feature shoots from across the country. He now fancies a bit of retro action and where better than with Air Monkeys?

He’ll be bringing some exclusive photo shoots to your screens in the next few months and we hope it is a long and fruitful relationship. He’s got plenty of exciting plans including some Euro road trips and some shop tours from the UK’s hidden motoring gems.

Stay Tuned! 

My name’s Henry Powell, I’m a 24-year-old amateur photographer and a very passionate car enthusiast. I started shooting video before photos at the age of 12 when I first got my hands on a old tape camcorder and just started filming everything. I was into cars for as long as I remember but I never really like the idea of getting oily, which steered me away from a career in mechanics and pushed me towards film.

After 6 years of film education I came out of University with a BA HONS in Documentary Film and TV. Throughout Uni I always kept my petrol head side in my heart and always tried to find ways of bringing automobiles into my work… I realised within a year after leaving university that I had a better understanding for photography than film, and slowly found myself favouring photography work to film work.

The last 18 months of my life I’ve been trying to marry my passion for cars to my work and decided that I would take the plunge and dedicate myself to shooting everything petrolhead related. Now, my portfolio is increasing every week with event coverage, company profiles, private work for owners and even photos of great roads.

This is where I am now, Building experience still and trying hard to improve everyday so that I can build a career in something that I’m so passionate about.