Iron Chic

The Constant One

Samantha Eynon


Recently I have struggled to find an album that filled the punk shaped hole I had in my life, this one does the trick very nicely. It ticks all the boxes with me; explosive hooks, beats to pump your fist to, catchy lyrics you can shout along to.

A follow up from their 2010 offering, Not Like This . It’s not trying to do anything new, or be something it’s not, it just is. It’s refreshing to hear an album where you don’t get the feeling that the band were trying to be clever, or fit in with what’s popular. They just play the hell out some great emotive punk songs. Just what I needed!

Sounds like: Polar Bear Club, RVIVR, Elway

Stand out Track: Sounds like a Pretty Brutal Murder

Rating: 8/10

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