Jack White
Pete Salter

Lazaretto, the follow up to Jack White’s 2012 solo debut, Blunderbuss, provides further demonstration that the Michigan-born songsmith is at his most interesting when working alone. The enviably talented multi-instrumentalist’s latest release is almost impossible to pin down in terms of genre as it leaps from bluegrass and garage rock to funk and psychedelia, stopping off almost everywhere in between. Lead single Lazaretto is the star of the record with Jack’s urgent, staccato vocals topping off an infectious, bouncy, fuzzy guitar hook and bombastic chorus. The Beatles-esque Alone In My Home is pretty beautiful – a charming piano-led number that you’d be hard pushed to resist and album opener, Three Women – a tale of dastardly postcode-spanning polygamy – is as good a rock and roll song as you’ll hear this year. A final word – if you’re going to get this record, pick up the luxuriant blue vinyl version. If you’re not convinced it’s worth the extra pennies, look it up. It’s a record collector’s wet dream.


Sounds like: The Raconteurs, The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes
Stand out track: Lazaretto
Rating: 8/10

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