Jamie T

Carry On The Grudge

Joe Eynon


Jamie Treays, known as Jamie T, is well know for his lazy, multicultural, hip-hop vocals and mashup music styles, but has yet again surprised his fans with this latest release. It has been a few years since his last offering and now he approaches his music along with his age has matured. This latest album is a different sound. The pace has dropped and the melodies have endured allowing the sound to be more thoughtful and less youthful. With this there are key moments in the album which harken back to Kings and Queens, 5 years ago. Vocally the album is stressed and Treays sounds like he is on the edge of his range but with this he portrays a certain desperation with what he is trying to develop into.


The album begins with the self-analytical ‘Limits Lie’. This sets a precedent for the LP as the reflective mood continues throughout. Jamie T picks up on what people in their late twenties are feeling all over the world. He is trying to find the balance in his life between work, friendships, love and himself. This battle is clearly audible all through the album.

Jamie T has matured just enough but not too much. The album is a fantastic, melodic and tuneful barrage of excellence.

Stand out track: Trouble

Rating: 9/10

Sounds like: The King Blues, The Cribs, The Libertines

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