We’ve been fairly quiet at Air Monkeys HQ recently. Our normal day jobs have eaten away at our time. I’m hoping that over the next few months we can re-focus and correct the balance. We love finding the coolest cars and products for you to look at and enjoy. There is nothing we enjoy more than knowing we have made your day a little better.

Our 2016 calendar is already taking shape and we can’t wait to begin. We’ve just got to get through the winter first!

Here are some highlights from le Bug Show at Spa, Belgium. We made the epic journey across Europe as a part of a summer road trip. We joined some great friends in the Arden Forest in southern Belgium for a air-cooled mass gathering. I firmly believe that this show is the greatest in the world. It has it all. Beautiful cars, amazing world famous location, gorgeous scenery, huge road trip across Europe and the enjoyment of spending time with your mates.

This year we were blessed with brilliant weather too so the photos really do the show justice. If you’ve never been to the show make sure its on your “to do” list in the next couple of years.


Cars queue up for the chance to drive up the famous Eau Rouge slope.

Being able to drive around a F1 track is a dream come true for many petrol heads.

The show is all set up to relax with your friends. Why else do we do this?

The swap meets and show and shine are huge. You are sure to bag a bargain during the weekend.