Manchester Orchestra
Sam Eynon

Andy Hull’s voice is just incredible, it can be haunting, quiet and understated, or pained and full of raw emotion.

This album doesn’t match up to Simple Math in it’s variety and ability to go from beautiful and incredibly intimate, to stadium rousing rock, but Hull aimed to make this album “What was missing in rock today.” and in that he has succeeded. Cope thunders along, coming in at 38 minutes, their shortest album to date, and it leaves you wanting to listen to it again immediately. There is not a bad song to be found here, but many fit into the same formula, which can make them bleed into each other, and makes it lack the roller coaster feel of previous albums, but this album was made to be turned up loud and bellowed along to, and I’m pretty happy to do just that!


Sounds like: Bad Books, Kevin Devine
Stand out track:
Rating: 9/10

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