Words and Photos by Henry Powell

In this day and age, it seems most car enthusiasts see amazing modified cars through social media. Everyday you go online and somewhere in the world there’s a star car has risen to fame through magazine articles, project threads or through video. They’re given a small timeframe of fame through there popularity in car culture. This car isn’t like that.


Many of you might not know Jon Hancock through Facebook or Instagram, but he’s not much of a social media type of guy. More like the type of bloke you go to the occasional local meet or maybe the odd Volkswagen event. Like before the internet. Don’t get me wrong, he’s on there somewhere and does post, but you need to look for him a bit first.


However, don’t let this fool you, Jon has been in the VW scene for many, many years and runs an air-cooled restoration business based in the South West called 65 Deluxe. He also is quite the collector of projects. One of which is his beautiful 1964 Porsche 356 SC.




I caught up with Jon to get some more details.


So Jon, Why a 356?


To be honest it’s been on my wanted list for as long as I can remember and have toyed with selling a few of my cars before to try and get one – I love the clean lines – and the all over design – the thought of one man for a corporate design team – it’s an iconic shape and a design classic.






What experiences have you had in the past with Porsches?


I’ve been lucky enough to own a few – a really clean one owner 924 – an early 928s – 3.2 911 and a 996 Carrera 4 – the 924 is the only car I have ever regretted selling. It was that good!






What’s the story with how you found this particular example and how did you come about buying it?


The story behind this car is bizarre. I went to a local pub car meet that they do annually which attracts about 30 cars tops. It was there and was driven there by a guy I know. I had a look over and as it was on trade plates I asked if it was for sale. He said it was but would need to ask the owner for a pric. I wanted it as it was and not worked on. To cut along story short, I was given a price and then set about selling everything I needed to so it could happen. 4 months later it was mine. It was a very long drawn out deal that relied on a superb vendor and a lot of luck.








What’s special about your 356?


Nothing really – it’s probably the least desirable model being an SC but it’s got the best of the running gear offered on a 356. All round discs and a 95 BHP motor . Mine is a matching numbers car and is pretty rust free.




What theme are you going for with the car?


The theme I’m going for is a weekend racer for a made up guy who lives in Monaco. A small reliable daily that can be used often and then be used for racing at the weekend. To get this look it’s been lowered on original Fuch alloys with period lettering on the tyres. A plexus side windows with slider on drivers side has been fitted. The bumpers removed and de chromed on the sides to give it a race prepped look. A Sebring exhaust, original Monaco automobile badges on the rear, Marchal driving lights, bonnet straps add to the look too. Internally it’s been stripped out of creature comforts so has no rear seats, speedster front seats, a Moto Lita steering wheel, map light, Heuer rally timing clocks and possibly a few other hits I’ve forgotten.



Any other projects you own?

I have a bit of a problem with cars and I struggle to turn them away if they are cheep and interesting. As a result I have too many which include a 1925 Studebaker, a 1969 type 3 Karmann Ghia, a 1964 Samba, a 1979 Dodge Motorhome and a 1961 Comer Karrier lorry. The biggest problem I have it that all that could change by the time you read this!



Any future plans with the car?


The car is a continual development and is a rolling project. I use it as much as I can and I’m not precious about it at all. Since the pictures were taken the tyres have changed to yellow lettering, period correct headlight protectors and rear reflectors have also been fitted. In the near future I want to redo the carpet when I can get some correct square weave.




Thanks Jon for sharing his car with us.