Here at Air Monkeys we like mixing thing up a bit. You are used to us sending the very best air-cooled VW’s your way but we love all cars. We especially love American muscle. Our friends at Moonshine Motors have just finished the restoration of this 67 Mustang.



The car started off looking like a decent imported car but once the guys in the workshop dug a little deeper they realised just how much work this car required to bring it to its former glory. Over the next 2 months they slaved away, sometimes throughout the night and sleeping in the workshop, on the car building it from a suspect chassis to one of the best examples in the country. You really need to see this car in the flesh to appreciate how good it is.

The 67 convertible started life as 200 cubic inch straight six but to make it the genuine yank tank it needs to be a v8. They guys put a 289 cubic inch v8 and it now has the poke to go with its fast sweeping body lines.

Every nut and bolt on this car has been lovingly replaced or restored back to a factory fresh look. The paint is mile deep and shines like nothing else. The engine bay and interior have both been detailed and are clean enough to eat your dinner off. Even the radiator has had the Moonshine treatment with the companies logo being sprayed onto it.

The car is the first of many cars that will be coming out of the Moonshine Motors stable. They’ve already begun working on another Mustang and with a rat rod Beetle also being built no one can accuse them of slacking off. This 67 is off to a showroom in the North of the country soon to star under the spotlight.

If you want to get in touch with Moonshine Motors about a future project or just an oil change check out their website.