By now you are aware we have a strong partnership with our local restoration shop Moonshine Motors. Many of you would have seen there Mustang’s which they built to a very high standard. Lets get to know them a little better. If I was going to take my pride and joy to get some treatment I would want to know who they were.

After coming together through a shared passion, and a shared name, Jon Williams and Jon Edwards decided to head out on a new venture. Moonshine Motors came about after people liked Jon and Jon’s own cars so much they wanted the guys to work on their own motors. What started off as a hobby is growing into a business quickly becoming well known for quality craftsmanship and engineering. They enjoy nothing more than ripping into a POS in order to turn it into a thing of beauty for you to enjoy however you want. With an open mind they are open to restore anything from a Mini to a Mustang. In fact thats exactly what they have done. With a strong passion for American Muscle and Trucks plus a love of Air-cooled metal they often have Fords and Chevys parked next to Beetles and Buses.


What i am trying to say is they will turn their hand to any make and model!

With over 25 years of experience behind them, plus a heap of life lessons, the Moonshine boys are the perfect people to carry out all kinds of work on your cherished vehicle.

So whether it is a full restoration of a beloved classic car or a oil change on your daily hatchback Moonshine Motors can sort you out. They are often found spattering on daily driven hatchbacks and family cars. Lets face it, they have bills to pay so no matter what they job they’d be interested in helping you.

They have a full shop of diagnostics tools and workshop equipment to make the job simple and hassle free so you can be out on the road as quickly as possible. It’s like an Aladdin’s cave of automotive goodness. If you’re very lucky you might wander down on BBQ night. They really are that welcoming!

Give them a call, email or simply pop in for a cup of tea and a chat. Head to their Moonshine Motors for all the info, (new website coming soon).