Over the next few months or years, (any of you who have undertaken a restoration project will understand why we are being so vague), Jordan Hale from Machine 7 will be sharing the photos and all the latest news from the restoration of his beetle. Keep and eye on this blog for all the latest posts. 

Since a little boy I’ve had a love for anything to do with cars, I’d spend my evenings designing and drawing cars and I also found myself watching several documentaries on how cars were made. I first got into Volkswagens when I picked up my very first Volksworld magazine. From then on I knew I had to own one of these vehicles. Not only do I love VW’s I love how people are always willing to lend a hand or offer advice. This is the best part of the scene.

Believe it or not I purchased the car when I was 13 years old, and it was sat in the garage right up until I left school as I had no time to work on it and very little money to spend on it I imagine this is a problem most teenagers have!

Since leaving school I was keen to find work and was eager to do something involving Volkswagens. I approached Machine7 as I knew they played a big part in the scene supplying parts, and were local to me. I was taken on. Firstly on a part-time basis but it soon developed into full-time work. For someone to do a job they enjoy and have genuine interest in is rare, and I’m really happy to be working there. Working with one of the scenes legends has since allowed me to expand my knowledge about the vehicles.

Ooops forgot; I’m supposed to be telling you about the car. Rewinding to when I was 13, after going to my first VW show I became very inspired and started to look around for a Beetle.

I found one located in London and it was a solid base to work from, with it having new pans, channels and disc brakes up front and the body wasn’t bad either. I knew straight away that I had to have this car! I named the bug ‘Patches’ due to the patchy original paint it had.

Restoring a car was something I’d always wanted to do, and straight away I found myself stripping the car down. Pretty much everything has been removed, leaving it as a bare rolling bodyshell. Some metalwork was needed, and new doors were sourced. The car currently finds itself with the local VW body shop, Voodoo works, and when it returns to me with a fresh coat of paint I will be keen to keep you updated on my Cal-look inspired rebuild.

Jordan Hale 16 years of age, from Nuneaton.