Jim Novak is one of the guys behind Fueled Society, which we love already, but he also is the owner of Novak’s Kustom Industries.

The company is based out of Wakefield in West Yorkshire and will pretty much do anything you want if it means making your car look how you want it to look. It’s about true customisation of your car. If you are on the search for a product or part Novak’s will source the item and even fit it for you.

They are pretty good at your car sat on some coil-over struts or air-struts. With a fleet of amazing cars it’s easy to see what they can do.

Novak’s also can offer general mechanics, servicing and M.O.T’s plus the can add flair to your vehicle by getting your paint and bodywork sorted.

The best thing about Novak’s is that they don’t just aim to make amazing cars but they also aim to do it at an affordable price.

 Cheap cool cars for the masses!

Low Car friendly Alignments

Low Car friendly MOT’s

Tyre Stretching

Powder Coating

Ceramic Polishing

Exhaust Tucking

Chassis Notching

Arch Rolling

ET corrections

All your Stance Solutions solved…  Just get in touch