We had a chat to Peak and Tide Lloyd Cook, the owner and designer behind Peak and Tide Apparel. We love finding new and exciting brands for you to become a part of and Peak and Tide is perfect. Thanks to Lloyd for answering our questions.


1)  We love the look of Peak and Tide, how did the company start?
The idea came on a snowboarding trip, mid-slope! Original I know, but really, that’s genuinely what happened! I have been a keen ski, snowboard and general travel/adventure enthusiast since I was young, always following and buying into extreme sports and travel brands. Being a graphic designer by trade, I figured “what’s stopping me from pulling the two things I crave most, together?” I’d wanted to give this stuff a crack since high school and it was that boarding trip to the Alps in 2014 that I finally decided to get my arse into gear! 

2) You take inspiration from travel and adventure. How does this show in your designs?
You’ll notice symbolism of a ‘peak’ and ‘tide’ in the brand logo – through this and the brand name itself, the aim is to portray the message that our clothing and accessories are made for travels to the highest and lowest points of the world, along with all the adventures in-between.

3) We also love travel and have many adventures of our own. If you can give us one piece of advice when on the road what would it be?
Embrace the detours! I’ll be somewhere i’ve never been, doing something i’ve never done, with people i’ve never met, but it’ll be an experience and that’s exactly what I believe adventure is all about.

4)What is the most exciting adventure you’ve been on?
My first! South East Asia was the first big one for me. I was fresh to backpacking, excited and immersed into a whole new world. It was a total culture shock, but one that unleashed an uncontrollable bug. 

5) Has anything else apart from travel inspired Peak and Tide?

As mentioned earlier, i’ve been a keen boarder for as long as I can remember, forever following and buying into snow and outdoor brands. I take inspiration from current trends amongst these brands, as well as traditional outdoor activities and action sports. 

6) What makes Peak and Tide different to other clothing companies?
Peak and Tide prides itself on its simplicity! Designs are simple, yet consistent. Quality is durable. We make gear that is both fun and functional and suited for every day use in the city as well as your next trip into the wild. Best of all – all lines are unisex meaning both males and females can look fresh as ever on their adventures!


7) Who is involved in the company?
At present i’m rocking a one man band, but i’ve got a seriously tight unit of friends and family at hand who help to make this brand the success it is, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

8)Where can you see yourself in a few years time?
I’ve got a couple of big trips coming up which should get the juices flowing for future lines. Regarding the bigger picture, you can’t rush these things, I’m going to take it easy, grow organically and hopefully in a few years time (fingers crossed for sooner) this will be full time for me and i’ll be able to put all my focus and energy into it.

9) A famous person is going to where your clothing for a photoshoot. Who would you want the person to be?

That’s a real hard question, but I’m going to go for YouTube sensation Ben Brown. Ben is a vlogger who documents his life and takes you on his rad adventures. He surfs, boards and does pretty much everything else in between! His YouTube channel is a catalogue of epic adventures. If anyone’s going to inspire you to get out there and explore, it’s him. His ethos and open minded attitude towards adventure is much like ours at Peak and Tide and for that, I have a shed load of respect for him. So if you’re reading this Ben – hit me up brother!

10) What would be your ultimate adventure?
New Zealand in a camper van! Cracking mountains to play on my board, rad waves to hit up the surf and shed loads of scenic beauty – this ticks all my boxes for the perfect adventure!

11) What companies do you look up to?

Since youth I have admired Patagonia & The North Face! Their founders Yvon Chouinard and Douglas Tompkins founding stories are a true inspiration and they are brands I aspire to live up to. Watching documentary ‘180 Degrees South’ made my love for the brands grow to a whole new level.

12) What plans do you have for future products?
At the moment, all my concentration is focused on finishing up the fourth collection which will be dropping within the next few months. Plans for next year are underway and i’m pleased to announce some new avenues are being explored to make our customers adventures extra special! *No Spoilers*

Peak and Tide can be found here and you can buy through their web shop.