With a brand new venue for 2015 the RSVP BBQ was taking the next big step all event organisers have to take. How do we make the day better, bigger and more appealing. For a few years the guys and girls in the RSVP club, from Redditch, have been inviting the air-cooled community to a one-day BBQ in a public park. This was great but when they started to outgrow the venue as the day got more popular they needed somewhere new.


Low is the game with the RSVP guys.

They found the Top Barn Activity Centre perfect for their BBQ and even included camping for the first time. You needed to pre-book your spot with the club but that was as formal as it got. The whole day remained as relaxed as previous years and it reminded you why you build these cars.


The day brings other clubs from across the country as well as well known companies and magazines. The day is not a publicity stunt though. It differs from the usual VW shows because you don’t have people trying to sell you stuff. You can just relax,cooked your BBQ delights and enjoy the cars.

Niall Wright’s Splitscreen bus is a personal favourite of mine. Such class.

photos by Wide 5’s Photography