Kill The Power

Joe Eynon


I try my very hardest not to like Skindred. I first saw them supporting Reel Big Fish in 2005. They hit the back wall of the old Carling Academy in Birmingham hard and filled the room with new Skindred converts. When I say I try not to like them, it’s because they sum up all that is laking in creativity. The lyrics are like one big cliche wrapped up in cheese. They even look like a reggee rock band. Benji Webbe’s voice sounds straight out of Kingston, Jamaica, but he is from Newport, South Wales. Is it effected or is it created from influence? I’m not sure but even though I have these thoughts about the band, I cannot help but nod my head and tap my toes to their infectious West-Indian infused rock.I feel like I must apologise but this album is a great, although a little unoriginal, piece of ska-core.

Sounds like: Spineshank, Static-X, Black Tide

Stand out track: Ninja

Rating: 6.5/10

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