This is a post to each and everyone of our readers and supporters. Recently we had a testing time at a major VW Show. The show in question is a great VW show that happens every single year, drawing in massive crowds and making a lot of people very happy. Unfortunately all shows attract a certain type of person. The type of person who isn’t there for the cars or the good times. They are there to steal and ruin peoples weekends.

We became a victim of such a person. Whilst sleeping the night after we had organised and ran an air-cooled event including trophies and a show and shine our event shelter was stolen. It was gut wrenching. We exist to give something back to the scene. We don’t make any money from what we do and a lot of what you see in terms of merchandise and equipment has been paid for by ourselves. I’m not saying this for sympathy. I’m saying it in hope that the people that stole from us may read it and feel something!

We run on social media. Without it we are dead in the water. As soon as the shelter was reported missing we posted about it on Facebook, Twitter and our blog. Hoping that someone, somewhere will own up to what they had done. The response we got however was very, very different…

A chap called Drew Kerr contacted us with a request. He wanted to set up a ‘Just Giving’ page to allow people to donate money to help us buy a new shelter. We don’t have the funds to buy one ourselves. I was amazed that he wanted to do this and I obviously said he can do whatever he wants if it means helping us out. Later that day he messaged me to say the page was live and we will wait and see to see if any money will appear. I was hoping a few people will donate the price of a magazine but what actually happened was very different. We ended up getting so much support and finished with hundreds of pounds!

It’s amazing that one minute our feelings towards the VW scene was so low and within hours people had reminded us why it is so great. Many people did donate the price of a magazine, (which was great), but some companies donated a lot more. We will be forever grateful for this generosity that you have all showed. Some people even remained anonymous when bidding. If this was you please come and say “Hello” ¬†at a future event and we can have a beer under our new shelter, part purchased by you!

Below is a list of the companies that donated to our cause. We are forever grateful.

See you soon.

Craft Cover



Creative Coachworks


Kerbside Kustoms

E’s Autos

Growl and Grandeur

65 Deluxe Restorations

Moonshine Motors


Midland Early Bay

Seaside Neil Pinstriping

Royal County Auto Supply

6 County Campers