We have been writing about The Volksworld Show for a few years now so its no surprise that we are at it again. We love this show and its format. We love how it enables everyone to kickstart the show season in the UK in style, with some great cars and some brilliant food and drink.

For many, the weekend is all about showcasing their winter builds and allowing people to get feedback on their creations. For others it’s all about the people. Many show goers use the event to meet and greet. The evenings are all about food, drink and hanging with your friends in the local hot spots.

This year the show hall was full of some amazing cars from some great builders and companies. I could list them all day but the ones that really stood out to me were Steve Lawrie’s GFK vert, Nostalgia Cars camper, Moonshine Motors Volksrod and Graham Dean’s Barndoor resto.

We had a spot in the club stand area with many other amazing cars from the Rothfink, RSVP and The Lower Class stables to name a few. Thanks to everyone who came over to say Hi!

Photos by  Joe Eynon, Samantha Eynon and Josh Cliff for Air Monkeys.

Pipey McGraw’s W8 K70 was a firm favourite with the punters all weekend.

(K70 Images by Bullymeister Photography)


Ben Rye’s Oval Ragtop


Ian Kent’s Oval Beetle


Matt Dolby and Aran Haigh’s Mexican Taxi stood out. Such a genius build!


Owen Eacott’s ’67 on cosmics. 


Tess Baylis’ vert now on Fumagalli’s looking awesome.

Dove Blue commercials are always popular at Volksworld.


T4’s and T5’s are getting more popular at Vowo every year to a mixed opinion.


Dan Smith’s 15 window on the Air Monkeys stand.


Andy Finch’s Notchback looking killer as always.


The were clubs stands to everyones taste outside.


Stance is king at Volksworld!

Mike Birch of Aire Valley Speed Shop and TLCVW showed his Notch off. With Joe Riley as his model.


Jamie Mellish with his Devon bus


Niall Wright’s ’63 on new rims for 2016.


Loved the rake on this Cal-Looker


Marc Kyle’s 1959 Lowlight on the Rothfink stand




Martin Cox’s stock ’66 and Edd Thorpe’s ’67 Beetle.




Max Edwards aired German Looker has long been a favourite of Air Monkeys.

We’ll bring you all the best images from inside the show halls soon!