Joe Eynon


There has been a lot of excitement for the release of this album. I was excited, then I was very disappointed. It’s a shame as when Trentmoller is on his own his work is brilliant but for this album
he has joined forces with the likes of Low, Johnny Pierce of The Drums and Ghost Society. It just hasn’t worked. The introductions are sadly the best parts of the songs and there is a few positive tracks one of them being River of Life. The abient lyrics of Ghost Society echo smoothly over Trentmollers electromix house and it fits fine. The other tracks appear rushed and the album title seems very fitting.
Trentmoller still remains one of the most exciting artists in modern electronic music, he’s just tried something different and it has failed.

Sounds like: Moderat, Telepopmusik, Royksopp
Stand out track: River of life
Rating: 4/10

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