We’ll have 2 trophies to give out when we get to the Witkap Brewery on Saturday afternoon. 65 Deluxe and ourselves will pick our favourite VW’s from the drive to Belgium and award the owner with one of our custom trophies from Smitherz.

I’ve had quite a few messages about the speed of the convoy. We won’t be speeding into the distance! We have to be aware that we need to drive to the slower cars requirements so will be cruising at 55-60mph.¬†Also to make it work better and arrive at the brewery at the same time there will be a red tin top early bay or a grey 356 at the front of the convoy. Try not to overtake these cars as they are leading to cruise.
The bay might start at the back in Calais and overtake you all to get some rolling shots of your cars which will be featured on the Air Monkeys website.

If you really want to speed off you can meet us at the brewery when we get there. We’re just trying to make everyone feeling included.

Remember if the worse happens and your VW konks out you’ll need to pull over. Please can others not pull over though. The police will not be happy if they have a line of cars on the side of the road. We’ll wait at the services for them.