We have been on the look-out for an effective and good looking cup holder for our ’69 bay window for quite some time, when we found out about  VeeDubCudak  last month. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a couple of their plywood cup holders; one double for a bay, and a double for a split. I was quite frankly overjoyed at the idea of not having to hold two receptacles filled with hot liquid as we went over bumps and pot holes!

The split screen version is completely made from laser cut plywood, and it fits in the slots in the dashboard, whereas the bay window version has a plastic component on the bottom that fits behind the grab handle on the dash. The plastic may not be the prettiest, but once it is in place it is barely noticeable, and it holds firm.

They perfectly held a range of cans and coffee cups, as we trialled them out on our way to and from the Volksworld Show, and were perfectly stable, as well as looking great, with their simple curved design.

On request the cup holders can also be personalised with words or a design of your choice (we’re thinking we may need a Air Monkeys one now!), and they also promise that this is just the start of their range, so keep an eye on their website for new exciting products!