White Denim
Corsicana Lemonade
Pete Salter


Even the most able of musicians have experienced the acute Ennui that comes with witnessing a fellow craftsman produce something so incredibly impressive, it makes everything else seem inferior by comparison. White Denim are one of those bands that make you consider packing the whole damned business in altogether, such is the quality of their song-writing and musicianship. Latest album, Corsicana Lemonade is a much more mature, polished effort than any of its predecessors. A phenomenally good record from start to finish, it’s absolutely fit to burst with 70’s rock riffs, psychedelic groovy bass lines and frenetic, jazzy percussion. Vocalist James Petralli’s soulful, crooning voice is the cherry on top of a particularly delicious, musical cake. At Night in Dreams is an undoubted highlight that will remain in your head long after you’ve heard it. Let It Feel Good (My Eagles) is another high point with its fun, uplifting chorus and Come Back is a wonderfully bluesy rock number that channels the likes of Cream and Free. This is a great album by an incredible band and wouldn’t you know it – they’re a good-looking bunch too. Bastards.


Sounds like: Grinderman, Captain Beefheart, Cream
Stand out track: At Night in Dreams
Rating: 10/10

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